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[H006KR]IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux

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This course is intended for IT professionals tasked with administering a Spectrum Scale system. It includes information on installing, configuring and monitoring a Spectrum Scale


Migrate a GPFS 3.5 cluster to IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2

Migrate an IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1 cluster to 4.2

Describe and set up GUI interface

Execute performance collection infrastructure

Describe the IBM Spectrum Scale multi-cluster functionality, how to remote mount file systems, and the security configuration in a multi-cluster environment

Describe, install, and configure Clustered Network File System (cNFS)

Define, deploy, debug, and log Cluster Export Service (CES)

Describe multi-protocol support

Describe the Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol family and clients; solve and monitor SMB recovery scenarios; troubleshoot SMB

Manage Ganesha default configuration change/list

Manage exports in CES Network File System (NFS) and debug CES NFS

Describe home and cache features

List the various Active File Management (AFM) modes; create and manage an AFM relationship

Define and introduce asynchronous disaster recovery (DR)

List the recovery point objectives (RPOs) and failover options

Describe the Spectrum Scale Disaster Recovery Architecture

Describe the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Enterprise Edition (EE) Introduction

Describe the GPFS policy driven storage management

Describe the HSM archival solution with LTFS EE

Define how to create a file placement optimization (FPO) pool

Describe using Spectrum Scale with HadoopIdentity the scenarios in which GPFS-FPO is applicable

Define Share Nothing Architecture

Describe the design and architecture of the Call Home feature and describe its functionality

List the usage/advanced usage of the Call Home feature;Describe GPFS Performance parameters and GPFS tuning considerationsMonitor a GPFS cluster

Describe flash cache capabilities

Move metadata to flash cache<


You should have taken
IBM Spectrum Scale Basic Administration for Linux (H005G)


Migrating to IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2

Spectrum Scale 4.2 GUI


Clustered NFS

Cluster Export Services for multi-protocol support

SMB Protocol Support

NFS Support in CES; Ganesha overview/performance

Active File Management

AFM-Based Disaster Recovery (DR) and Asynchronous DR

Planning LTFS and GPFS environment for data archiving

File Placement Optimizer

IBM GPFS-FPO and integration with GPFS Hadoop connector

IBM Spectrum Scale Call Home

Monitoring and performance tuning

Flash Cache metadata migration